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‘Seth’s Mastering the Data Paradox is loaded with common sense, wisdom and detailed expertise on all aspects of data. As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, every professional needs to understand this crucial subject’


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‘Nitin Seth, with deep professional experience in the field of digital, data and AI, effectively translates abstract concepts into practical examples, providing a logical approach throughout the book for a diverse set of readers to gain insights and extract relevance to their situation’


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‘After exploring the complex technology trends of the digital age in his previous book, Nitin Seth goes on to explore various aspects of data in significant depth but in the simple language that he has mastered’

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About the Book


We are living in incredible times when the digital age is evolving into two mega trends, the AI age and a data-first world. While the spotlight is on the rise of generative AI, the explosive growth of data is no less spectacular and meaningful. In fact, data is the bedrock that has enabled the many advancements in the digital age and is now powering the AI revolution. It is no exaggeration to say that to win in the AI age, you have to master data.

However, data is not an easy puzzle to solve as it poses many paradoxes. Despite data’s potential for positive impact on businesses and individuals, its complexity can overwhelm both. Amidst the deluge of data, actionable insights remain scarce—a dilemma akin to ‘water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink’.

So, the author, Nitin advocates that mastering the data paradox is necessary. Through this book he attempts to answer the following key questions:

  1. Why and how can AI powered by data create transformational value for enterprises and individuals?
  2. The world is full of paradoxes and so is the world of data. How can individuals and enterprises effectively deal with the paradoxes, to unlock the transformational value of data and AI?
  3. Are there some principles that we can learn from life and apply to data and vice versa, as we navigate the new world of data enriched lives?

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Key Sections

Section #1

Understanding the Data-First world

This section lays out the opportunities that the explosive growth of data has brought about for both organizations and individuals and delves into the challenges that emerge as organizations are now forced to deal with exponential amounts of data, while the technologies are playing catch up.

Section #2

Maximizing Value in the Data-First world

In this section, Nitin proposes an innovative and practical way to make sense of all the chaos brought about by the explosive growth of data to maximize value realization from data. He proposed a thirteen-component solution framework, the Unified Solution Framework (USF) for organizations to succeed in the data-first world and the AI age.

Section #3

Data for Individuals and Beyond

In this section, Nitin explores the universal nature of the data paradox, which plagues organizations today. He emphasizes on how the data paradox that is true at the enterprise level, also exists both at the individual level and the society/global level.

About the Author

Nitin Seth a global leader, entrepreneur, author and speaker, is the co-founder and CEO of Incedo Inc., a thriving technology services firm. With an extensive career spanning nearly three decades, Nitin has spearheaded transformative initiatives in business, digital, data and AI for prominent global organizations. Notably, he served as the director of McKinsey’s Global Knowledge Centre, India, held the role of managing director and country head at Fidelity International, India and served as the COO at Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company.

In April 2021, Nitin debuted into the literary world with Winning in the Digital Age (WITDA), a book that swiftly ascended to national bestseller status, earning five prestigious business book awards.

Nitin earned an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and a degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He lives in New Jersey, USA with his wife, three children and a dog.

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