Mastering the Data Paradox


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Nitin Seth, Co-Founder & CEO, Incedo Inc. led a Keynote session at The AI Summit NY 2023, where he shared insights on the Gen AI, along with a vision for the future.

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Nitin Seth, Co-Founder & CEO, Incedo Inc. was interviewed at the AI Summit NY 2023 by Susie Harrison from Informa.

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In this video, Nitin emphasizes how the explosion of data is both a great opportunity and a huge challenge. He shared insights on how banks can move through this data paradox.

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In this snippet, Nitin Seth talks about how firms can win in the data-first world and how Wealth Management firms can start their data journey by mastering the paradoxes.

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Shereen Bhan in conversation with Nitin Seth of Incedo as they discuss India-US growth drivers, replicating India’s tech story across sectors, the role of diaspora in pushing for equitable growth, & more