Mastering the Data Paradox



DAVID COHEN Founder and Chairman, Simcah Management

As a hedge fund manager/investor, information has been the lifeblood of my business career. Extracting the value from data in myriad different situations is the essence of beating the market. Seth’s ‘Mastering the Data Paradox’ is loaded with common sense, wisdom and detailed expertise on all aspects of data. As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, every professional needs to understand this crucial subject.

ASHISH CHAND President and CEO, Belden Inc.

After exploring the complex technology trends that shape the business world in ‘Winning in the Digital Age’, Nitin Seth now offers a broad perspective on the fuel that powers the digital age and is also, paradoxically, its output – Data…in all sizes and shapes, the generation and usage of which come with a variety of imperatives and implications, especially as it applies to Generative AI. ‘Mastering the Data Paradox’ explores these to significant depth but in the simple language that Nitin has mastered by leveraging his mixed background as a consultant and a practitioner.

Given Belden’s focus on Data Engineering, I found the book instructive in terms of better understanding how our customers’ needs are evolving.


Data that has become synonymous with digital transformation that spans everything from corporate strategy to personal lives, has not always delivered on the promise of making everything more productive and experiences better. This book directly addresses the vast opportunity represented by data and a structured approach on translating this into outcomes at all levels.

Nitin Seth, with deep professional experience in this field, is able to often translate abstract concepts into practical examples and provides objective and logical approach throughout the book that will help readers from all backgrounds get more informed and draw out the parts most relevant to their situation. The practical frameworks in the book show the interconnectedness of people, processes, and culture, which is ultimately key to translate the potential from data proliferation into insights and outcome for companies as much as individuals. In a fast-evolving space with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the book provides a timely and comprehensive guide to understanding data and, more importantly, using it to achieve your objectives.


MICHAEL J. RAGUNAS Chief Technology officer, Cetera Financial Group

The explosion of data, combined with rapidly advancing artificial intelligence, is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity in today’s business world – you can ride this powerful wave or let it wash over you. In Mastering the Data Paradox, Nitin provides an intelligent, specific approach to mastering this convergence and creating new value in the emerging AI Age.

MUKESH MEHTA EVP & Chief Information Officer, AssetMark

Mastery of Data is the lifeblood of any organization, regardless of industry vertical; and ironically, it is one of the most significant yet fundamental threats to those who do not find a structured approach to rein in its complexity. Mr. Seth’s first book, the bestselling Winning in the Digital Age, is now only enhanced by the context from his personal passion and practitioners’ experiences understanding the overlap of the strategic complexity of data and the value of a sound perspective to drive success in a digital world. Sometimes of course, timing is everything, and with the proliferation of advanced data tooling and AI-driven disruption, Mastering the Data Paradox provides a foundation for understanding the historical context of the data explosion and how to manage what Mr. Seth refers to, as the “dark side of data” to deliver true value. As a technologist, and a mathematics major with a passion for data science and its practical use to drive results, I was pleased to see the historical technical context and humbled to learn from all of the vast experiences and practical advice Mr. Seth presents to the reader. Effectively, this is a guidebook to navigate the truism that “Big Data is only valuable if it leads to Big Decisions”, whether to enhance your work environment; or uniquely, how data can be leveraged to advance “digital detox” to improve your personal life!


LEO PURI Senior Financial Services Executive, Advisor, Investor

Well-structured and easy to read, this handbook is a distillation of experience and research, addressing one of the important issues of our time. Nitin Seth elegantly diagnoses the challenges of synthesising the vast amount of data now available, and provides effective solutions to harnessing this power, as AI becomes integral to business and society. The focus on logic to shape the right questions is especially helpful: practitioners, entrepreneurs and administrators will find these lessons invaluable.


DINESH KHANNA Managing Director and Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group

A highly recommended read for those seeking to master the art of navigating the paradoxical world of data. Nitin’s written an expansive book explaining the opportunities and complexities of the world of data and its implications on individuals, businesses and in shaping nations. The book breaks the tradeoff by explaining a highly complex topic in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner.

DR ANURAG AGARWAL Dean Biosciences and Health Research, Ashoka University

Nitin Seth carries on from his first book “Winning in the digital age” to a much needed playbook on how to think about data, the oil of this digital age. His practical experience in using data to run companies and his strong theoretical understanding of the new data ecosystems underpinning the AI revolution, guides the reader through the complex journey of finding sufficient amounts of the right data for the desired purpose. The paradox of big data, where more is not always better and often worse, is clearly resolved and will surely help many people lost in the data maze.

ANURAG RANA Senior Technology Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

The release of ChatGPT in November 2022 unleashed a new technology wave which promises to be as big, if not bigger than the Internet itself. Since then, corporate executives have been rushing to figure out what Generative AI could mean for their businesses both in the short- and long-term. Data is at the center of this new imperative, and Nitin’s book takes a deep dive on various opportunities and challenges faced by corporations regarding this vital asset. As in his earlier book on digital transformation, Nitin lays out a clear data framework for enterprises as they embark on an AI journey. The chapters on data security and democratisation are of particular importance, as they are central to enterprise AI adoption amid fears of large language models training on proprietary corporate data, and then sharing the results publicly or with a rival.

SOM MITTAL Former President and Chairman, NASSCOM

Data is the key behind AI and digital transformations. While there is a lot of great work happening in technology – structuring, capturing and managing data is key to deployment of these new transformational tools. Going beyond generalities around data, this book delves deeper to uncover the nuances and paradoxes of the data world, offering a fresh perspective and exploring often-overlooked nuances.

This book resonates well with individuals and practitioners across the spectrum, serving as a valuable resource for those seeking to wrap their head around the data complexities. Nitin’s expertise and unique perspective act as a much-needed guide to navigate the Big Data and AI landscape.Nitin has once again delivered a remarkable piece of work with this latest book, following the success of “Winning in the Digital Age.”