Mastering the Data Paradox

What exactly is the data paradox and why mastering this paradox is so important in the AI age?

Data paradox is a situation where, on one hand, we have too much data to deal with and, on the other, we have very less insights that are actionable. As we are in the digital age where data is exploding in terms of volume, variety and velocity, most organizations and individuals are getting overwhelmed with it. Most of us (both as individuals and organizations) have not been able to derive the desired impact from data because they find themselves stuck in the paradox. Organizations who have been able to master data paradox have been able to generate transformational value for not just themselves, but for their customers and other stakeholders. Case in point are the Googles and Amazons of the world. So I strongly believe that in order to unlock the true potential of data, we must master the data paradox and this book demystifies that for the readers.